Need to seamlessly transition your in-person events and meetings to online experiences?

Maximise the impact of your meetings and create compelling experiences for all types of meetings and events. Highly interactive networking features, a seamless viewer experience and advanced streaming tools allow you to engage with global audiences.


Mix and match highly interactive features and simply start planning your event

  • Welcome video & event agenda
  • Access to event areas
  • Attendee profile
  • Personal event agenda
  • Download of session documents
  • Multiple and different size screens
  • Multiple speaker functionality
  • Live polling, chat and Q&A sessions
  • 3D Visuals and moving avatars
  • Normal screen and full screen modus
Breakout Rooms
  • Live breakout sessions
  • Live chat
  • On demand content after session
  • Interactive whiteboard notes
  • Unlimited booths
  • Personalised booth branding
  • Brochure download
  • Promotion video
  • Live text & video chat
  • Business card exchange
  • Individual one-to-one meetings
  • Live video chat & text
  • Personal event support from beginning to end
  • Live customer support
  • Live IT support

Connect and share experiences in virtual and hybrid environments


  • Sales & leadership trainings
  • Themed virtual breakout sessions
  • Virtual whiteboards
  • Collectively work on topics in small groups
  • Mind mapping and brainstorming sessions
  • Integrate ice-breakers, chats, polls, anonymous voting


  • Main auditorium
  • Multiple stages
  • Breakout sessions
  • Networking lounge
  • Live streaming and pre-recorded video options
  • Integrate ice-breakers, chats, polls, anonymous voting
  • Help desk
  • Moving avatars

Exhibitions & Product Launches

  • Set up virtual branded booths
  • Build your VR space
  • Digital brochures
  • Avatars
  • Help desk and customisable buttons
  • Main Auditorium
  • Speaker training
  • Sponsorship possibilities
  • Live chats
  • Live streaming and pre-recorded video options
  • Networking Lounge 

Hybrid & Virtual Events

  • Host a face to face meeting and stream it through Evowk’s virtual platform to grow your reach globally.
  • Future proof your business with flexible event modules.

Shift to virtual, get started today.