Live meets Virtual. Easily adapt to change with flexible event solutions.

Virtual events are in no way replacing live events, but rather work alongside each other. Each event format offers beneficial opportunities for organisations and attendees. Innovative technology gives brands the tools and possibilities to be flexible and easily adapt to change. Re-evaluate and carefully consider what your motivations are, what format best reflects your brand and how your brand can future proof by using innovative technology to maximise potential by offering various formats for meetings and events.

Equally elevating experiences for in-person and virtual attendees

Evowk blends over 20 years of experience in live event production with cutting edge technology to offer both in-person and virtual attendees equally elevating brand experiences.

How can we help you?

  1. Event design and production
  2. High quality live streaming technology
  3. Video and audio feeds can be transmitted from any location to a global audience
  4. Highly engaging networking features to connect live and virtual attendees