Although we may all agree that virtual conferencing can never replace the energy of attending a physical meeting, there are many benefits for both organisers and attendees of hosting events online.

Evowk’s all-in-one conferencing platform uses innovative technology to offer attendees an engaging experience in a virtual setting, giving attendees, organisers and sponsors easy access to networking, learning, knowledge sharing and lead generating opportunities.

Meeting Green Credentials

Reducing the carbon footprint by eliminating delegate travel and extensive amounts of food, plastic and production waste, caused by organising face to face events, virtual meetings give brands and attendees the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable values.

Powerful Analytics and Insight

Virtual conferencing platforms offer extensive metrics and quantitative, data driven reporting, which is not only useful for future event planning and marketing, but also accurately measures your return on investment.

Fully Inclusive

Virtual conferencing utilises innovative technology to make meetings fully inclusive and accessible to a global audience, giving access to attendees who may not have been able to attend a physical meeting. Integrated translation tools and online support provide for seamless user experiences.

Cost Effective for Organisers & Attendees

Unlike face to face meetings, Virtual Conferences eliminate all costs related to travel, venues, accommodation, catering and printing materials. Depending on the set up of your virtual event, AV and production costs may also be reduced.

Extend your Reach

Virtual conferences have no capacity limitations, allowing brands to increase their reach, by making the event accessible to more attendees, sponsors and exhibitors.

Convenient & Flexible

Online meeting formats generally offer shorter sessions with possibilities of on-demand presentations, pre-recorded content and live streaming, making an online meeting more convenient and giving attendees the flexibility to access content in their own time.

Networking Simplified

Online networking lounges, business card exchange, profile match-making tools, one on one or group video calls and live chats allow you to easily engage, meet and connect with delegates, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors. Business cards and documents are instantly saved, and leads can be followed up with immediately.